Installing RPilot

Jump to the section on installing the source package, RPM, or BSD package. There's also an overview of the directory tree RPilot builds.

Installing the source

To install from the source archive, start by unpacking the tarball (something like tar xvzf rpilot-1.4.1.tar.gz should work). Change to the newly-created directory. Execute make and all should go fine. To install into the destination directories, do make install. RPilot by default installs under /usr/local. To put it elsewhere (for example, if you're not the superuser), run the install phase with make install INSTALL_DIR=/the/new/dir/. Be sure to include a trailing slash ("/") in the directory name.

To uninstall, run make uninstall. If you installed it in a directory other than the default, use make uninstall INSTALL_DIR=/the/new/dir (or just change the value of INSTALL_DIR in the Makefile).

Installing the RPM package

rpm -i rpilot-1.4.1-1.i386.rpm will install RPilot under /usr/local. To put it somewhere else, use rpm --prefix /the/new/dir -i rpilot-1.4.1-1.i386.rpm.

To uninstall, just use the standard rpm command, eg rpm -e rpilot

Installing the BSD package

Just do a pkg_add rpilot-1.4.1.tgz as the superuser. Everything is installed under /usr/local. To put it somewhere else, use pkg_add -p /the/new/dir/ rpilot-1.4.1.tgz.

To uninstall, use pkg_delete rpilot-1.4.1.

Directory hierarchy

For a standard install, the Root will be /usr/local. Otherwise, it's whatever you chose.

+ Root
+--+ bin [rpilot executable]
+--+ man
|  |
|  +--+ man1 [rpilot man page]
+--+ doc
|  |
|  +--+ rpilot-1.4.1 [various documentation]
+--+ share
   +--+ rpilot
      +--+ examples [example source code]

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